Conference Program


       NOV. 7th @ 6:30 pm / Room 9206 & 9207, The Graduate Center, CUNY      

Prof. KARMEN MACKENDRICK   (LeMoyne College) 

Almost Unblinking: Awaiting the Vanished


NOV.8th @11:00 am / Skylight Room 9100, The Graduate Center, CUNY

Prof. DAVID DAMROSCH    (Harvard University)

 Disappearing Ink: Writing, Erasure, and Cultural Memory



8:30-10:00 am    –    Registration and Breakfast , Doctoral Student Council Room 5409

10:00- 11:30 am  –   Panels

11:30 am- 1:00 pm –   Lunch Break

1:15- 5:30 pm –  Panels

6:30-8:00 pm –  Keynote Talk by Professor Karmen MacKendrick

8:00 pm –  Reception in the Comparative Literature lounge

                                            Panels on Thursday, Nov. 7th

  Room 8301 Room 8304 Room 8400 Room 8402
Session 1
10-11:15 am
Panel 1a Panel 1b Panel 1c Panel 1d
Session 2
1:15- 2:30 pm
Panel 2a Panel 2b Panel 2c Panel 2d
Session 3
2:45- 4 pm
Panel 3a Panel 3b Panel 3c Panel 3d
Session 4
4:15-5:30 pm
Panel 4a Panel 4b Panel 4c Panel 4d


                                                               FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 8th

 8:30-10:00 am –   Registration and Breakfast, Doctoral Student Council Room 5409

11:00 am-1:00 pm –  Keynote Talk by Professor David Damrosch and Lunch Reception

1:30- 6:00 pm –  Panels

6:00 pm –  Drinks in the French Department Lounge Room 4202

                                              Panels on Friday, Nov. 8th

  Room 8301 Room 8304 Room 8400 Room 8402
Session 1
1:30 -2:45 pm
Panel 1a Panel 1b Panel 1c Panel 1d
Session 2
3:-4:15 pm
Panel 2a Panel 2b Panel 2c Panel 2d
Session 3
4:30- 5:45 pm
Panel 3a Panel 3b Panel 3c Panel 3d


SESSION 1 /  10-11:15am

Panel 1a / Room 8301

Moderator: Professor Monica Calabritto  (CUNY Graduate Center)

Gaston Gilabert (University of Barcelona): “Disappearance as Fiction Generator in Real Life, Myth, and Literature”

Daniel Libatique (Boston University):  “From Lead Role to Stage Body: The Disappearance of Tecmessa in Sophocles’s Ajax

Tiffany Pounds-Williams (Tufts University): “Forgotten Figures: The Rhetorical Function of Tecmessa, Chrysothemis, and Ismene”

Panel 1b / Room 8304 

Moderator: Daniela D’Eugenio ( CUNY Graduate Center)

Daniel Hengel ( CUNY Graduate Center):  “Entropy, Yeats, Art, History”

Elizabeth Stigler (University of Kansas): “The Big Reveal: Dis/Re Appearance in the Makeover Show”

Professor Craig Turner (University of Carolina, Chapel Hill): “Disappearance, Transformation and Character in the Actor’s Art”


SESSION 2 / 1:15-2:30pm

Panel 2a / Room 8301 

Moderator: Professor Christine Marks ( LaGuardia College)

Olga Ast (conceptual artist, curator,and researcher): “Fleeing From Absence: Fear of Disappearance as a Driving Force”

Cassandre Bouthillier (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus): “It’s Alive!: Reappearance of the Skeleton Within Conceptions of Embodiment and Identity”

Fusako Innami (University of Oxford): “Untouchable Being in the Present: Through Ogawa Yoko’s Hisoyakana Kessho”

Panel 2b / Room 8304 

Moderator: Stephania Porcelli ( CUNY Graduate Center)

Marcus Heim (Johns Hopkins University): ” ‘Out of my sight!’– Disappearance and Authority in Christoph Ransmayr’s The Last World

Ivan Ferrero Ruiz (University of Connecticut): “Translating Vicente Huidobro’s Literary Mills: Different Languages, Same Blades”

Alexandra Zobel (CUNY Graduate Center): “Not Even the Title Remains: When Film Adaptations Disappear their Sources”

SESSION 3 / 2:45-4pm

Panel 3a / Room 8301

Moderator: Professor Russell Dale (CUNY Graduate Center)

Kathy Fazekas (University of Connecticut): “Death, Disappearance, and the Philosophy of Time”

Richard Hajarizadeh (Portland State University): ” ‘Bios Theoretikos’: Dissipation, Self-Reclamation, and Heideggerian ‘authenticity’ in Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse

J. Brandon Pelcher (Johns Hopkins University): “Heidegger’s Disappearing in Space and Time”

Panel 3b / Room 8304 

Moderator: Professor Christine Marks ( LaGuardia College)

Stephanie Kletke (University of Alberta): “Lost and Found: The Case of Sulpicia”

Jordan Karney (Boston University): “The Presence of Absence: The Disappearance of the Body in Ana Mendieta’s Siluetas”

Cristina Politano (UCLA): “Unearthing the Maternal: Reading Kristeva in Greta Knutson’s Prose”

Panel 3c / Room 8400

Moderator: Professor Paolo Fasoli (CUNY Graduate Center)

Professor James Martin (Cornell College): “Disappearance in Late Beethoven: the Sonata in C Minor Op. 111 and the Thirty-three Variations on a Waltz by Diabelli Opus 120”

Ben Negley (UC Santa Cruz): “Orchestral Variability in Decline: Tempo, Duration, and Variability in a Symphony by Mahler”

SESSION 4 / 4:30-5:45pm

Panel 4a / Room 8301

Moderator: Professor Bettina Lerner (CUNY, The City College)

Noam Scheindlin (CUNY Graduate Center): “L’apparition du blanc: A Way of Seeing Absence in Georges Perec’s La disparition

Niloofar Sarlati (University of Minnesota): “Silent Disappearance”

Gabriella Marino (University of Connecticut): “Valorizing the Subject: Writing Language in Assia Djebar’s Fantasia

Panel 4b / Room 8304

Moderator: Professor Charity Scribner (CUNY Graduate Center)

Hillel Broder (CUNY Graduate Center): “Sebald’s Work of Melancholy and the Photographic Gaze: Rings of Saturn Reconsidered”

Eliot D’Sliva (McGill University): ” ‘Poetic form will conceivably survive the coming apocalypse’: Walter Benjamin and Lyric”

Eaming Wu (Princeton University): “Formalism’s ‘Narrative Erasure’ and the Phenomenalization of the Narrator: Nix v. Williams and Die Marquise von O…”

Panel 4c / Room 8400

Moderator: Bridget McFarland ( New York University)

Noel Tague (University of Pittsburgh): “Spectral Rhetoric and Memory Work in the Thousand Island”

Lisa Karakaya (CUNY Graduate Center): “A Speaking Absence: Contraception and Abortion in Midwifery Texts of the 17th Century”

Kathryn Sederberg (University of Michigan): ” ‘We are standing before something monstrously new’: Diaries of Germany’s ‘Zero Hour’ 1943-1951″


SESSION 1 / 1:30-2:45pm

Panel 1a / Room 8301

Moderator: Professor Joseph Entin (CUNY Graduate Center)

Anke Geertsma (CUNY Graduate Center): “Audio/Visual Shadows: Alain Brigand’s 11’09’01–September 11 and the Virtual Trauma of 9/11″

Professor Alla Ivanchikova (Hobart and William Smith Colleges): “On Monuments and Ghosts: Disappearance and the Global Politics of Queer Memory”

Timm Ebner (Graduate Research Program Media of History-History of Media, Erfurt/Weimar/Jena): “Aphanisis in Nazi Fiction’s Colonial Nostalgia”

Panel 1b / Room 8304

Moderator: Professor Stephanie Hershinow (CUNY, Baruch College)

Christopher Barkan (UC Santa Cruz): “When Concepts Disappear: Marx and Foucault on Economic Ideas”

Arnab Roy (University of Connecticut): “Disappearing Worlds and Lives: the Problem of Ecological Imperialism”

Alex Lee (San Francisco State University) “The Promise and Disavowal of Memory in Works by Evelio Rosero, Doris Salcedo, and Oscar Muñoz”

Panel 1c / Room 8400

Moderator: Professor Russell Dale (CUNY Graduate Center)

Xhuliana Agolli: (CUNY Graduate Center) “Poetry as Site of Disappearance in Georges Bataille”

Jennifer Haller: (CUNY Graduate Center) “An Elegiac Melancholy: Negotiating Romanticism’s Fascination with the Sublime and the Disappearance of the Natural Landscape”

Joseph Simmons (University of Chicago): ” ‘The Funeral’ and ‘The Relic’: Donne, Desire, and Disappearance”

SESSION 2 / 3-4:15pm

Panel 2a / Room 8301

Moderator: Professor Frank Cioffi (CUNY Graduate Center)

Claire Brown (SUNY Buffalo): ” ‘I lost an arm on my last trip home’: Violent Vanishing in Octavia Butler’s Kindred

Dylan Winchock (Montclair State University): “From Last to First: The Anxiety of Disappearance in Paul Auster’s In the Country of Last Things

Carolina Gonzalez (CUNY Graduate Center) : “Tumblr, Torrents, and Tron: Jodorowsky’s Dune as a Case Study in Missing Copyrights”

Panel 2b / Room 8304 

Moderator: Yael Lavender-Smith ( CUNY Graduate Center)

Andrew Gilbert (University of Kansas): “The Disappearance of Order: Tumblr, Censorship, and Systems of Meaning”

Jen Hedler Phillis (University of Illinois at Chicago): “Poetics of Disappearance: Susan Howe and History”

Jeffrey P. Smith (CUNY Graduate Center): “Conceptualism and the Disappearance of the Art Object”

SESSION 3 / 4-5:45pm

Panel 3a / Room 8301

Moderator: Professor Siraj Ahmed (Lehman College)

Marise Chartrand (University of Ottawa): “The Case of Sherlock Holmes’ Disappearance”

Katrina Greene (University of Delaware): “Lost Proofs and Uncertain Impressions: Researching Prints by Henry Ossawa Tanner”

Michele Robinson (University of North Carolina): “Withstanding the Shock of DisapPearance: Aurora Floyd

Panel 3b / Room 8304 

Moderator: Claire Sommers ( CUNY Graduate Center)

Jacob Bender (University of Iowa): “Romantic Disappearance: W.B. Yeats and Julia de Burgos, Colonized Island Poets”

Nora Carr (CUNY Graduate Center): “Everlasting Misery: Temporal Layering and the Disappearance of the Past in W.G. Sebald’s Austerlitz

Christofer Johnson (Ohio State University): ” ‘And aa That’s Scotch Aboot it is the Name’: A Drunk Man Looks at the Thistle and the Disappearance of Scottish Cultural Identity”

Panel 3c / Room 8400

Writing Disappearance: A Creative Approach

Corey Pentoney (Binghamton University): “The Wordeater”

Sara Jane Stoner( CUNY Graduate Center)

Karen Lepri ( CUNY Graduate Center)


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